Western style in Japan

The day has finaly come! We’ve been waiting for a long time to go on this trip. Trip to this magnificent country. Bags packed, Japan here we come!

japan toilets

The first thought I had on a plane was :“Darn, I hadn’t googled how to use toilets in Japan!“ Having that said, they have dozens of function buttons on it…Which one means flush?!

Fortunately, they realized the problem for, us, silly tourists, so most of them have a Flush sign (press HERE) wetsern style. Though it sometimes takes time to find the button since it’s never at the same place in every toilet.

After 12 hour flight, we finally arrive at Narita Airport in Tokyo. Google Maps has provided accurate instructions on how to get to the requested address (hotel), but I swear to God, if this is your first time on Narita, it’s impossible to find the city train line (fast shinkansen line) or the subway station.

So, get out of the airport, turn right and go to the platform number 31 and take the bus to Ginza metro station. This is the easiest option for the first comers. Ride takes an hour.

Ginza is one of the biggest metro stations and it is easy to reach any part of the city from this point.

If you use Google maps (directions) you’ll get an instruction to go for, let’s say, Ginza, exit 4, but just ignore it. Enter any Ginza station and just walk until you find your metro line.


There is a Metro (and bus) pass for tourists, which costs 1500 ¥ (12 € / $ 13,5) and is valid for 72 hours. You can get it at larger metro stations, like Tokyo station, Shinjuku and Shibuya. At the same stations you can get the Japan Railway Pass. You have to buy it before your trip to Japan via Internet or licensed agencies. The price is about 240 € / $ 270  for a 7-day Railway Pass.


Once you’ve bought it, you’ll receive a voucher and exchange it for a real railway pass. It looks like a small booklet with a cherry tree on it and covers most of the railroad lines in Japan (shinkansen). It is active from the moment you use it for the first time, e.g. a voucher has been exchanged for the Railway Pass on 1.5.2019. but used on 15.5.2019., so it is valid 7 days from 15.5.2019.  There is also a 14  day pass.

After taking a bit of rest at the hotel,  we headed to Shinjuku.  I would call it a hipster neighborhood, but there are no hipsters there. Therefore, more appropriate name would be something like “inside a video game/advertisement” neighborhood. 🙂

taxi racing

sinjuku tokyo

shinjuku night out


EVERYTHING is glowing, sparkling and overstimulating all of your sensory senses. Bars, restaurants, pastry shops, shops, supermarkets, mini markets, shopping centers, playrooms. Everything.

And, only in Japan – breadless burger at Wendy’s First Kitchen. Not only is gluten free, it is carb free.

To be countinued…

Two pieces of beef burger instead of bunJ filled with ham, scrambled eggs, salad, cheese and sauce. It’s called “Danish burger”(in Japan …)

gluten free burger carb free burger

wendy's first kitchen tokyo


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