Tokyo, Shibuya

Every Tokyo guide says that Shibuya is a must, and indeed it is. It is considered one of the most vibrant and colorful districts of Tokyo, while Shibuya Railway Station is one of the four busiest in the world.


First stop: Omote-sando and Yoyogi Park

We decided to head to Shibuya from Omote-sando Metro Station, named after the Omote-Sando Street, one of the most luxurious in Tokyo with the most prestigious stores. This street is known as the Tokyo Champs Elysees. It was interesting to notice number of people on the street although it was only 1 p.m. (Aren’t they at the offices, working? So it’s not true that only people in my country take long coffee breaks 😉 ).



At the end of the street is Yoyogi Park with food stalls, drinks and … elderly ladies, pushing dogs in baby strollers. This is very big park but do try to spear some energy to visit Maj’s Shrine, in the northern part of it. The park is the most visited and most beautiful during the sakura / cherry blossom (period of purple cherry trees). You can check out Sakura calendar at the beginning of every year. During that period of time various festivals are organized.DOG INA STROLLER


Second stop: Shibuya

Shibuya starts at the south of the park. The most famous crossroads in the world of, Shibuya Crossing is there, one of Tokyo’s landmarks.


Although it is overcrowded with pedestrians, and is among the few areas where they do not respect „order“, but walk in all directions, it’s far less chaotic than you would expect (as seen in many music videos and movies).

There are many stores in Shibuya, exclusive brads department store Tokyu, high street brands department store 109. Pool Side shoe store is located in 109 department store, be sure not to miss that, the sell the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn (Trust me on this one!)

For sneaker lovers, the legendary Asics Tiger store, with cheaper prices than in Europe and US, except for Asics Tiger Deluxe Sneakers.

Disney Store Store, selling everything from cups, toys, to beddings.

Don Quixote or a locally called DONKI, tax free shop, on several floors.

Shibuya is a great place to go out because it has a lot of bars, like Shinjuku, everything is „glowy“still a bit quieter than Shinjuku. Go to the Tobacco and Salt Museum. Do not forget to take selfie with Hachiko dog monument.


Third stop: Harajuku

When visiting Shibuya you must visit Harajuku as well. Neither one of the travel guides I had in my hands specified where Harajuku is.

So, Harajuku is northeast of Shibuya (up until Omote-stando Street). The most famous shopping street is Cat Street. There are numerous restaurants and pastry shops for such a small space (although this is a disputable term, given that it is Tokyo we’re talking about).

The biggest goof is to eat at one „vending machine“restaurants. You place money into the vending machine outside of a restaurant, pick your meal, get a ticket and then pass it on to the waiter. Don’t worry; there are photos of meals on the machine ;).




Convenient and easy! The price for a meal is from 500 to 1200 yen (7€/$8 to 10€/$11$), and it’s too much for one person, two could eat this. Good appetite!



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