Places to travel cheap: malta

So, Malta it is! It was summer, it was sunny and you can free climb on Malta.

Malta is one of the places to travel cheap:

RT will cost you about 70 €,(YES, YOU’VE READ IT RIGHT!) , carry on bag only

Ryanair flies everywhere.

If you want to upgrade it to flight with checked baggage, it will be 100 €.

Accomotadion is also very cheap, from 30 to 60 €, depending if you’re booking a private accomodation or prefer to stay in a hotel. Hotels are around 50 €. Which is also cheap.

If you’re a solo traveler the hotel room would cost you about 60 €. Look at this amazing accommodation.

Mellieha is a coastal city, with a beach, very close to Valletta, 15 mins by bus, and you can book a tour to Gozo from Mallieha. Don’t miss it by any chance!

Daily budget per person: 40 € tops. Malta is very cheap, very, very.

So in order to stay a week on Malta, as a solo traveler you’d need: 800 €,and if you’re a couple 590 € per person

Every guide book will tell you that Malta’s best feature is its inhabitants and that’s why you should plan your holiday on Malta and Gozo. Yes! And so much more…We headed to Birzebuggia from the airport. We were four and on a low budget, that’s why we decided to stay there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a  nice place, but most of the tourist decide to stay in Mellieha, because of the big hotels and the beach.

Our host met us at the airport and took us to our accommodation.

The next day we headed exploring Birzebuggia, and ended up in fishing village  Marsaxlokk. It is sooooo picturesque, with buildings in multiple colours and fish restaurants along the coastline. Fish was great, btw 😉

Those thinking you go to Malta to have a swimming holiday – noooot! Let’s get this clear right away, yes, it’s an island you’d expect to be able to swim anywhere, but…

Well… there are only few beaches, and those are filled with boats, small ones, big ones, yachts…so…no. The rest of the coast is „cliffy“ coast.

There are two places you can have a swim:

Beaches at Zurrieq and three bays, one next to each other. Golden Bay, Il Ramia ta’ Ghajn Tuffieha and Gnejna Bay. Beach in Il Ramia ta’ Ghajn Tuffieha looks surreal, like some moon scenery!

You have to take a path down a sandy „dune“ to reach it, and it can be a bit challenging. I wouldn’t recommend it to small children.

There’s a bar Golden Bay’s beach, so you can catch some shade.


We visited in Saint Paul’s Catacombs, Hagar Qim and Mnajdra neolithical complex, , Hypogeum and Ghar Dalam cave.

Hagar Qim and Mnajdra date before Stonehenge, so you know! 😉 It’s said to be built by giants!

There was an old man;) at the entrance with a hat that had a fan on it, hahah.

Hypogeum is a unique place, carved in stones beneath the surface, made look like an amphitheater (this is just how I see it), believed to be a necropolis. If you want to visit – buy tickets over the Internet, in advance, because of the restricted number of people who are allowed to enter!

Only men were allowed to enter it, and note this – while music was playing men were experiencing hallucinations because it’s unique structure. (This is what our guide said) Maybe that’s why they didn’t need women in there;) .

Respect this old place, don’t touch anything and try to be most quiet you can! It’s much more older than you’ll ever be.

We headed to Mosta on foot, over Three Cities to Mellieha. Mosta’s cathedral, Ir-Rotunda tal-Mosta, has third biggest unsupported dome in the whole world.

So called The white City /Mdina has a spectacular view of the island, go there if you can, it’s not far from Mosta.


There are really great boat trips from Mellieha to Gozo, so we took it 🙂

Unfortunately we had just little time for Gozo, since the majority time was spent on Comino.

Comino is a small island near Gozo, with a smaller on its opposite side – Cominotto. It’s actually a cliff from which you can jump into the sea. Do it if you are fully aware your surrounding (depth of the sea beneath and height of the cliff) and a hell of a good swimmer. There’s a swimming/diving passage through Cominotto to the open sea (to where you can jump). Must say, the feeling of swimming it the open sea is so thrilling 🙂 Do it only and only if you’re a good swimmer!

I mentioned it’s good for free climbers – we did it. It was really nice and I’ll add one anthological photo proof 😉

And for the end – during one walk my friend smelled her hand and said : Look, we’re literally chicks now! Ma skin has a smell of roast chicken J)))

It’s extremely hot and Malta has no shade, meaning it has no trees…You’re sweating like a slave, constantly…but you get used to it after 2-3 days. Oh, yes, we were there in August! 😉

The most spectacular thing we did was walking along the edge (literally) Dwejra cliffs. They’re not the highest but I liked them the most.

Dingli Cliffs are the highest, 235m high.

Almost forgot – visit Popeye Village.

Malta, I will always love you!!!

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