Why you should visit Segovia

The lovely Segovia

I have picture of Disney store in Shibuya with Disney castle. Some say it’s based on Segovia Castle, although it’s based on Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. Regardless, Segovia is a great day trip from Madrid and you should visit.

You can reach it by train from Madrid Chamartin railway station, the price of return ticket is about 26 €.

I used Google Maps to find my way from Segovia railway station to the center, it said 30 mins on foot. Piece of cake! Only it wasn’t really like that  :)))) the railway station WAS 30 mins by foot, but it was in the middle of nowhere with no pavement, there was only a road. So, walking is – off.

But, don’t panic, there’s a bus that drives to the center, ticket price is 2 €, one way.

I got off at the Aqueduct and WOW.

roman ruins

Next station:

Segovia cathedral. It’s among the biggest I’ve ever seen and so imposing. It’s not hard to find it, Segovia is a small city, with small and narrow streets, but everything is close. So there it was – the cathedral. Catedral de Segovia is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen and so imposing!

ghotic style

Exactly, here, in Segovia, it’s Segovia castle (Alcázar of Segovia ). Unfortunately it was under reconstruction, but still pretty! It would be sacrilege not to have a look-a-like pic of a Disney castle, and not to see the one similar to the original.

disney castle
Segovia castle

Segovia castle is magnificent, truly.

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