When you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry

You know when you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry of happiness.

This always happens to me when I get very hungry and finally sit down to eat!

Barri Gotic, Barcelona isn’t that big neighborhood. It isn’t small, but we’re talking about Barcelona…

As I was saying, Barri Gotic isn’t that big, but most of the streets are narrow, going in all possible directions, some organized, some aren’t…huh.

And have you ever met a woman that has spatial intelligence as average man has?

It’s certainly not me! 🙂

„Oh, I remember this place! We’ve passed here just few minutes ago. “

„No, we didn’t. “, my husband replied


This is a sticky situation when you get hungry and when you’re hungry, you’re not yourseeeelf…

There are greeeeeeeat bars and restaurants in Barri Gotic, but as it’s probably the most touristy neighborhood in Barcelona, most of them tend to be quite expensive…


So, there’s tis bar, called Santos Tapas Bar on Placeta del Pi 6. Staff is great! My favorite is this waitress with shot hair, she’s great!

Food is amazing and the it’s not too pricy.

Let’s also mention that a bottle of great rioja is about 12 euros.

Mmmmmmmm, vegan menu for two. Roasted peppers with salt, patatas bravas, mushroom sauce and yoghurt dip.

But if someone could tell me what sort of those small, green, fat peppers are?

‘Cause I’ve only seen them in Spain…



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