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Don’t book your hotel in Asakusa

I thought booking a hotel in Asakusa isn’t the best option, it seemed like a neighborhood in any city, with nothing of a special to do. Was I wrong!


Of all of the neighborhoods in Tokyo Asakusa and Shibuya are my favorite so far. Why?

Because it’s cute, like a little Lego City, with Senso-Ji Temple. My perception was that it’s only a temple, like any other, but nothing could prepare me for a happy crowd outside the temple and around it.


It’s the people, it’s always the people that make you like the city.  And there are so many locals mingling around the temple, nearby market between Senso-ji and Hozomon Gate, Nakamise Shopping Street, where you can blend in and feel like one.


We ran into an elderly man, carrying a dog in a bag, and as I was telling my husband to look at that lovely scene, the elderly man noticed it and posed us. He was so proud of his doggy and we were so overwhelmed with what he did and how proud he is of his dog.

dog in a bag

man posing with a dog



That is why I like Asakusa!

There are also men and women dressed in traditional clothes posing, ready for you to take a picture.


Take a stroll down the bank of Sumida river and get to Sumida Park…with a Asahi Flame building nearby. I was joking it’s a giant sweet potato 🙂

sweet potato

See some khm…interesting sculptures.

Or maybe I’m a pervert? 🙂

Eat an some extraordinary flavored ice cream at Funava Cafe in Kaminarimonichinomiya Street.

Go to  Caricature Shop.

Go to Map Store

Have some coffee at Cats Cafe 

You can also visit Tokyo Tower, in Sumida, while there, it’s not a long walk. From Tokyo Tower you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of this city, that seem to have no end.


Over all, blend in and enjoy…



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