Day trip to Cordoba

great day trip from Sevilla

Cordoba is best known for Mezquita or The Great Mosque of Cordoba.

I’ve always wanted to go to Granada, but, somehow never managed to. So, we did next best thing: Cordoba.

It takes only hour and a half by train from Santa Justa Train Station. Return ticket is about 22 euros.

Can’t describe my happiness when I checked Cordoba weather and saw 22 ˚C since it’s already pretty cold.

When we arrived it was about 11 ˚C, but it was morning, so it was obvious the temperature will rise. Or so I thought… Well, it didn’t! I must have accidentally checked weather forecast for Cordoba in Argentina! 🙂 What a dumbass!

We went to El Corte Ingles so we could warm up a bit, and did to: lots of stuff bought – checked.

All the bags given to my personal „Sherpa“– checked.

Afterwards we headed to the city center where we stumbled upon many lovely squares and streets with all colored pottery.

Cordoba patios

Cordoba is known by it’s colorful patios, and there’s a contest for the prettiest patio.

Santa Ana Church

El Festival de los Patios Cordobeses is held for the first twelve days of March.

Mezquita or The Great Mosque of Cordoba is wonderful. Although, it’s called mosque, it’s actually mosque-cathedral due its controversial history. It was initially a Catholic church.

Day trip to Cordoba
Calleja de las flores

Such a lovely city; all those intertwined narrow streets, pottery, Mezquita and new part of the city with wide streets and squares.

Oh, and food? God! Food is great. You, most definitely, want to take a stroll down the Calle Lucano Street, which is full with restaurants, you’ll find something for yourself. But, beware of the afternoon siesta 😉 .

If you have enough time you could also visit archeological site Medina al-Zahara not far away from the city, ticket is around 9 €.

Roman Bridge
Plaza de Corredera

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