My colleague and my aunt told Seville is a how you would imagine typical Spanish city, meaning, how we foreigners consider typical Spanish city to be. And hell, it’s true! We came with train from Madrid, my favourite city in the world. The ride was comfy, lasted about 2,5 hours, but the train came rather late so we just dropped to bed when we got to our accommodation. When we came to Seville, my hair was perfectly straightened, but the next day it looked like a fire crack was in it – bad hair day – every day. Humidity is 100%, so we had to go out catch some sun, maybe it would fix my hair-do ;). First we headed to walls surrounding the city centre, a marvelous sight! There are palm trees and wild orange trees next to it (on the inside). DSC_0010s2 We managed no to resist to the  pastry shop on our way, fighting with all means necessary;) so we only had a morning coffee (at noon;) ) and carried on. We’re approaching picturesque little square, surrounds with pink and yellow houses, and a little church in same “pattern”. This was my favourite square in Seville, little, colorful, with little kids running around, playing, chasing pigeons, and the older ones (like us) sitting on the bench. We’re looking at the few people at a nearby café, looking like they’re arguing, but, no, it’s just the heartily way they talk. Discussing something. A minute of yelling and a minute of laughter, changing all the time. It’s time to move on…OH LOOK, EL CORTE INGLES! Ooooo, our favourite sight! 😉 15 minutes later, we were so exhausted, like we just got back from some challenging hike. Man (a woman too ;)))) )gets very tired searching for clothes 😉 s3s4 The plan is to have a lunch at Feria street and on our way see main square too. By the time we got to the square we were starving with our concentration down to zero. What square? What church? Oh, it’s the cathedral! Who cares if it’s a cathedral or not, it’s just like any other, and I’m hungry! It took us 1,15 hrs to get to the restaurant, yet it was “just one finger away from the square” ;). Finally. Well-fed and satisfied. Ok, let’s go to Plaza de Espana. There was a woman dressed in traditional flamenco dress, dancing in front of the square. You could see on her face she was very tired, but still dancing, full with passion! The square is really impressing! It consists of two concentric circles, connected with bridges. There’s a fountain in the inner circle, and benches with entities of every Spanish province in the outer circle. To illustrate the size of the square, I’ll say this: there are boats sailing between two circles 😉 DSC_0176,s6s5 I was just started getting excited by the fact that we’re going to sit for a while in a nearby park, when Toni decided to take some more photos…aaaaaaaaghh …look, there’s a bench, finally! We were in park with archeological and ethnographical museum when we saw this cute kid crying by the man selling helium balloons. He wants one too! And then, the most beautiful thing happened – the salesman gave him one! For free. The look on kid’s face – priceless! Like Toni when he finally takes ice-cream. Which reminded me on our lunch scene, heheh, we ordered a dessert, I ordered rice pudding, and Toni ordered apple (pudding). At least that’s what he thought. Hahahahaha, but he got exactly what he ordered – an apple! Served on a plate, with fork and knife, hahahahahah, to eat like a true gentleman! We’re back at the Avenida de la Constitucion. The cathedral is imposing, huge, even doesn’t fit the screen;) s7s8s9 There are lots of small squares around the cathedral, it’s very lively and lovely. It’s a city with joyful vibe. People are everywhere, but minding their own business, they’re not pushy. It’s like a little ant maze. There was one kid who „ran into“ Toni’s shoe. We were surprised to see that kid’s parents weren’t close by, but some 20m ahead, not panicking like most parents do. That’s was one of the things I liked the most – parents – they don’t „walk they kids on the leash“, they don’t panic when the kid falls, so what, it will get up. And that’s how it should be. Kids playing in the street by themselves. There aren’t as much as attractions like in, let’s say, Barcelona. Plaza de Espana is splendid, as well and the cathedral, but what had me wasn’t this, but people’s fearless and easygoing attitude. Joyful spirit and that smell of oranges everywhere really make this city appealing to live in. It is small enough to feel safe and big enough to be interesting. s12s10s11 Seville budget calculator

If you are planning on visiting , here’s the quick help with Seville airplane and accommodation prices.
Return ticket with Iberia Basic will cost you about 110 €, with only hand luggage. Return ticket with Iberia Optimal will cost you about 160 €, with hand luggage and one piece of checked luggage. Return ticket with Airfrance Light will cost you about 300 €, with only hand luggage. Return ticket with Airfrance Light will cost you about 400 €, with hand luggage and one piece of checked luggage. I would recommend buying ticket to Barcelona and then Barcelona-Seville with Vueling or Easyjet.
Double room will be about 70 € per day, three-four star hotel. Single room will be about 45 € per day, three-four star hotel. If you are opt to something cheaper it will be around 60 € double and 40 € single room Daily budget would be 30 €
Having this said, a cheapest price for a week in Seville would be:
approximately 530 € if travelling in pair, or 600 € if traveling solo *Disclaimer: I don’t work for anybody nor I tend to promote any airline company, hotel or restaurant. I’m only writing what I did YOU MIGHT LIKE:


Capital of region of Andalusia GDJE 140 square kilometers in region of Andalusia WHY Flamenco, flamenco, flamenco! Very pleasant city with relaxing atmosphere and joyful people, where it’s nothing strange to see kids playing on their own or a kid waiting parents in front of the supermarket. The biggest gothic cathedral is the one in Seville, and it’s also the third biggest in the world, on the UNESCO list. WHEN TO GO In spring or in autumn, with temperatures around 15 ˚C. Summer can be very hot, with temperatures around 36 ˚C. Winter averages are around 15-20 ˚C. Big Spanish sales  “rebajas” start on 7th of January and 1st of July, and last till end of February and August. Last period of sale is called “ultimas rebajas” with prices down to 70% off INTERESTING FACTS Many movies were filmed in Seville, like Lawrence of The Arabia, Star Wars, Kingdom of Heaven, and, of course series Game of Thrones. Seville had hosted Expo in 1992, and German architect Jürgen Mayer-Hermann had designed futuristic Metropol Parasolis. Columbus’ tomb is in Seville WHAT I LOVE THE MOST Relaxed parenting, tapas and smell of wild oranges HOW TO GET TO SEVILLE By plane The easiest way is from Madrid with a high speed train, journey takes 2,5 hrs. Taxis operate 24/7. Price is about 25 – 30 euros to get to the city centre from the airport.. Buses operate from 04:30 a.m. do 00:15 a.m. BEST ATRACTIONS AND PLACES KNOW BY LOCALS Katedrala, Alcázar of Seville, Giralda, Plaza De España, Maria Luisa park, Matropol Parasol, Torre del Oro, Maestranza, el Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija, Palacio San Telmo, Costurero de la Reina, Casa de Pilatos, Maestranza, Puente de Isabel II, Puente del Alamillo, Plaza del Triunfo, La Alameda, Plaza Nueva, Plaza de América, Plaza Patio de Banderas Acuario de Sevilla, Archeological museum, Museum of Flamenco BEST ACTIVITIES Stroll down the city and eating tapas in numerous restaurants, Triana neighbourhood, Plaza de España, exploring many, many little squares and churches One of my favourite restaurants is Bar Ambigu, in Calle Feria 47 My favourite neighbourhoods: Santa Cruz and Macarena. Strolling down the Santa Cruz neighbourhood WHERE DO LOCALS GO Bar Ambigu, Calle Feria 47, Santa Cruz and Macarena neighbourhood BEST ACCOMODATION Hotel in the city centre, but I prefer Airbnb BEST EATS Bar Ambigu, Calle Feria 47, El Riconcillo, Calle Girona 40, Casa RicardoCalle Hernán Cortés 2, Granier Panos Artesanos, Calle Imagen 5 VISAS AND DOCUMENTS Valid passport or ID card for EU citizens HEALTH AND SECURITY No reason to worry MONEY Euro, ATMs all over the city WEB:

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