The national park can be reached from the Andes Mendoza, Argentina or from Santiago in Chile.

Domestic flights in Argentina are extremely expensive because there are no low-budget airlines. The plae ticket to the Mendoza costs about 200 $, and the flight lasts 1.45 h.

If you are coming from Santiago, in can be reached by car, a travel agency or public buses. The ride takes about three hours. Just before the Chilean-Argentine border, you pass by winding road, with 29 curves. (Los Libertadores pass, at an altitude of 3200 m).  Before the border with Argentina is the exclusive ski resort of Portillo. A week with sky passom for two people costs $2700.

On your way from Argentina to Chile be sure not to bring any hood with you, because the custom is very strict.

If you are coming to Andes from Mendoza city, there are numerous excursions to Andes.

There are 4 types of tickets, to the bridge, to first base camp Confluentia, to second base camp Plaza Francia and to third Plaza de Mulas. And a special ticket to the summit.

It is possible to pay the organized tour on Aconcagua. The tour costs $3980 and takes 18 days. In addition it is necessary to buy a ticket (licence), whose price is $582 or $800 (15.12.-31.1.). The price does not include the mole for the transfer of storage, as well as medical assistance, which until this year was free.

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