Along came Morocco.

A female clerk at the airport was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my entire life! You know when somebody is so pretty, you can’t stop staring at him although it’s obvious you’re doing it, but you can’t help it. If this is the first impression of Morocco, what’s next?

First stop: Marrakech

We took an accommodation in riad, which was basic but clean. A room with bathroom. There was a catch, though… Picture this bathroom: WC (only whole) on the left and a shower on the right, sized about 1,5 square meters altogether.

BUT! It had a wonderful rooftop terrace where breakfast was served.

Somewhere close to Jemaa el-Fna a guy „ambushed“ us. One among of many… As he was the first one who’d done it we weren’t prepared for what would happen… Let’s start from the beginning: He had a big car (BMW or Mercedes), was really fat, had a flashy golden ring on his right small finger (yeeeeeah, tacky), six fingers on his left hand and showed us his Ministry of Tourism ID Card. Offered to give us a tour. Free tour.

Hell, why not?!

Guess what happened? He asked for 40 € so this turned into a bad arguement and at some point I thought he was going to follow us or something (I think I’m paranoid, Shirley Manson would say), but went away swearing in the end.

What a way to start!

Marrakech is completely chaotic and everybody is telling you they have „a special price for you, my friend“ 😉 . This can feel a bit too much at the beginning but you get used to it pretty quick and start enjoying the chaos.

Yes, all you’ve seen in Indiana Jones movies is true;) , it’s like a big, big market, all the colours, all the smells of different spices and food, mmmmmm, yum, yum.

Either you love it or you hate it, there’s no in between. Something like Istanbul

Jemma el-Fna

At the Souk

As much as the „pinkie“ guy was unpleasant, we actually got lucky running into him, ’cause he showed us ways round and there’s no chance in hell that we would have known to find all the places in the market. It’s among the biggest markets (souk) in the world. Huge, chaotic and  I bet you can only find your way in it if you – ARE A BIRD! :)))))

One tip right away: you shouldn’t go to souk at dawn ’cause there’s pretty big chance you’ll get lost. If you manage to get out of the souk, you won’t know where you did get out, and will have trouble finding your way back. The only time I felt unsafe during some trip abroad was when this situation happened. We came across some altercation between few guys and they were very angry and unpleasant. Every kid will tell you „This way, this way“, but they’re lying and leading you on. We were trying to find the way back for hours. TRUST ME on this one!

After all of that stress we went for some pancakes, which are delicious. There’s sweet and salty version, made with thicker dough.

At some point we went to all you can eat restaurant. Let’s just say I gained weight on during this trip… Rabbit stew, sheep stew, chicken risotto, eggplant couscous, again some kind of meat, pommes frites, potatoes, rice, olives, stuffed olives, tomatoes…Dates, candid fruit, sweet buns, walnuts with honey, cakes…

Marrakech has an old and a new part of town, and they’re „diametrically opposite“ to one another. The old part is completely chaotic in every way, and the new part is western like. You can even pay a bill as a female ;).


Next stop: Casablanca

On the other hand, Casablanca is everything  Marrakech isn’t and the ugliest place I’ve ever been to. (Actually the only ugly place I’ve ever been to) Dirty, DIRTY, with no order regarding anything.

Picture this: you’re walking down the street, passing by Hilton, and just around the corner (literally!) some poor beggar sitting on a cardboard. There’s no way to distinguish a safe from unsafe part of the city and it’s not comfortable to walk the streets during the night.

Casablanca isn’t really tourist orientated city. When I approached the table my male companion was sitting, one elderly man got up from the table that was next to ours, and sat to another. He didn’t want to sit next to a table with a woman sitting. The only pretty things are city park and the mosque. There are surfers “catching waves” on a shore next to the mosque. But a surf heaven is Essaouira. Spent there two days, if you don’t surf, don’t go there.

Hassan II Mosque

Volubilis is an ancient Roman city, near Meknes.

That was my nr. 1 choice :). Especially seeing the sunset, starry night and a moon. Something you can rarely see at home….


For a little adrenalin rush – our car broke down during a night drive, in the middle of nowhere…Help me God, I don’t how we managed to make it work, it was a miracle!

A anecdote for the end:

Locals gather at evenings at Jemaa el-Fan around the food stalls, all the pretty girls are there.

A girl sat next to me. Needles to say, she was beautiful, all pampered up, with perfect manicured hands with bright red nail polish.

She ordered some meat, served on plastic plates… On my big surprise she took that big bone of meat and started ripping the meat from it with her mouth, while all that grease was dripping down her mouth. Hahahahahahahahhahaha, hahahahahahahha, that’s the power of seduction.

There was a sip of tea left in my cup…and as I was getting up to leave, the guy took it and poured it back into the big tea pot. Hahahahahah, mustn’t waste food (and drink).


There’s no middle, ether you like it, either you hate it.

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