Stray dogs in Athens


It took me two years to make him go to Athens.

I won’t go to Greece!


Because it sucks!

-And you know this because you’ve been there?

Won’t go.


Because! Stop being such pain in the a.., I won’t go and it’s final!

I’ve found some cheap tickets to Athens, for October, so we went to Athens. Can’t really say I do remember how I made him say Yes. (But every woman has her methods;) ) I felt so proud of myself finding a direct flight to Athens! Then remembered one of our singers, who flew to Athens and made such bad comments about the flight being a disaster. Well, it isn’t his fault he isn’t capable of finding a good flight! Like me!

Must admit it was a bit odd the flight duration was 4 hours…

The flight was a disaster! J)))) Very tiring. It was via Dubrovnik. But we had to get out of the plane, pass through security at the airport, once again, and then got back to the same plane, to the same seats. Why? Because this was considered as a national flight, and after Dubrovnik it was an international flight. What an necessary mess.

Finally! We arrived to Athens. It felt like a lifetime.


We took a metro to the city center, which lasted about 45mins, and another half an hour to find our apartment.

Tired but enthusiastic we immediately got out of our apartment and went for drinks. We came across a little park, with old people and kids sitting in, and it’s fence was surrounded bay bars. This was so interesting to see. So we sat down and ordered beers. The waiter brought a big bottle of something too. We weren’t sure what it was or will we have to pay for it if we drink it. The mystery was solved the next day! J they usually serve water with beer. And, yes, it’s free.

Somewhere arround Monastiraki


First day we went to Acropolis, what a shocker ;). Then to Parthenon, Odeon, Erechteion, Theatre of Dionysus…got a bit tired and sat down for a coffee in one shabby chic bar. Coffee was extra! The best coffee we’ve ever had! Anywhere! After a few Athens’ coffees, we found the “secret weapon” – it was condensated milk. They pour condensated milk to coffee. Not the “regular” milk.

(It’s been 2 years now we’re using condensated milk when making coffee at home.)

After that we headed to Mt. Lycabettus. Toni was feeling hot, of course, so he was vining allll the way up. Heheh, and his face when he realized we could have taken the funicular – priceless! 🙂

On our way down we came across one couple from country next to our home country, and guess what – the same mentality, He was making the same complaints Toni was :)))

But OK, i will humbly admit – it was really hot. About 28 degrees.







Mt. Lycabettus


View from Mt. Lycabettus

Had to make up for his “mental sufferings” 😉 so we went for a stroll on fancy streets of Kolonaki, under the Lycabettus Hill. On our way back went to Syntagma Square. But as my mental sufferings weren’t healed (my sandals hurt my feet) so we went to the most expensive street in Europe (the highest rent) – Ermou. Aah, so many lovely shops with even more lovely sandals, shoes, clothes…

We found really cool restaurant, called Aster. The food is excellent, no exceptions. Really, I would recommend this to anyone. But it’s not just the food, it’s the people and great waiter and waitress. When we came back to Athens, 9 months after this visit, the waiter recognized us!

Stray doggo 🙂


Somewhere around Syntagma

All of our attempts to do some day trip failed. We headed to Marathon, drove with a bus for 1,5 hrs., to be dropped in the middle of nowhere. Just to note it was completely our fault! Tried to go to Marathon Museum, only to find it closed. So we waited for the bus to turn around and spent another 1,5 hrs. to get back.

We went to Kea, but missed the ship :))) .

We went to Glyfada, to take a swim. The thing was we weren’t the smart only ones to do that, half of the youngsters did 🙂 .We barely managed to enter the bus. So we got off “at the beach”, went for a coffee and decided to go back immediately. On our way back realized the beach was really there, but 300m away from the stop we got off.

We DID MANAGE to visit Meteora! Weeeeeeeeel, that was an expedition. 8 hrs. both ways, with train (It said 6 hrs. one way…). I though this only happens in our country J Suppose it’s the same mentality (and railway infrastructure 😉 ). Managed to spend 2 hrs. in Kalambaka. We were so exhausted but so glad we did this trip! Went straight for a beer when we got back to Athens.

I must say I can’t remember when I was so overwhelmed by some city like I was with Athens! Even more Berlin did. Kept texting my acquaintance, originally from Athens, how nice it is. It is so chaotic, but has its’ order, and, no, it’s not filthy with dirty streets. There are so many cute stray dogs, which are been taken care of. All of them have fat bellies 🙂 . People are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Speaking fluent English. Everything is interesting!  You can just walk around the city all day long and never be bored!


If you’ll go:

Visit Athens










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