I don’t want to go to Berlin

Berlin, the first destination I gave my partner some slack in making decision  where should we go :))) (Whaaat? He likes when I’m making all the decisions 😉 A happy wife is a happy life;) )

Didn’t feel like going, though. What’s there to see? Concrete and cement?! A city like any other, only with colder weather and speaking German – language I’ve spent learning 8 long years, but still ain’t excellent in.

Aggggggh, God I find people obsessed with history boring. How long do we have to read the booklets on WWII ?! I don’t care about East Side and West Side. …we should have gone to Spain!

Berlin is absolutely fantastic! It’s the first city I’ve been to with “I don’t care” vibe. People just don’t care what you’re wearing (on the contrary  most of people’s way of thinking), what hairstyle you have, what race, gender or orientation you are. They don’t stick their noses in your life and are open minded. Surely it’s this way in any metropolis, but my opinion is that it’s because of majority of people. But in Berlin that’s not the reason. People are simply that way, and it so liberating!

Very interesting thing regarding Berlin is the slow pulse of the city, although it’s a huge city. There’s no fuss and hurry.

I don't want to go to Berlin
East Side Gallery


I don't want to go to Berlin


The first day we headed to Kurfürstendamm, we’ve read it’s a cool place to see, starting from Kaiser Wilhelm church. When we got there I remember thinking Ok, it IS a quite wide street, but not quite what I’ve imagined. Something was off. Maybe we’ve taken the wrong turn? Perhaps Kurfürstendamm is on the left? Let’s go left then. Nope. Maybe it’s on the right. So, right it is. Nope. Only two “ladies of the night standing on the street and All you can buy for 1 € store. Peculiar.  Definitely what we expected!

Nah, let’s go back to the metro, drive to the Stadtmitte and go to Checkpoint Charlie. Heheh, and in that moment, approaching the metro station again, we realized we got off at Kurfürstenstrasse, not at Kurfürstendamm! 🙂

I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but we did that AGAIN on our second trip to Berlin, hahahah.

Kurfürstendamm is a wide, posh and lovely avenue full with all kinds of stores and restaurants. Women’s heaven, I tell you! J If you’re accompanied with another woman. If not, it’s a torture for both of you… Man getting bad of boredom, and woman getting mad for not being able visit all the shops  . My (girl)friend and I spent 3 hours there, without our boyfriends, and it was still not enough time!

KaDeWe is the most famous shopping center, made of two huge buildings connected with a little bridge between them.

In a pursuit of an Urban Decay palette I decided to ask one of the saleswomen for help. Hm…quite tall woman with extra high heels and muscular arms. Hahahahahah, yeah, it was a transvestite working as a saleswoman. And she was really an expert, for a man! 😉 My boyfriend can’t distinguish mascara from an eye shadow.



The best routs are:

Ernst Reuter Platz – Tiergarten – Brandenburger Tor – Memorial Park to the Murdered Jews of Europe  – Potsdamer Platz.

Check Point Charlie – Franzüsche Strasse – Rathausstrasse, passing through MuseumInsel and Nikolaiviertel to Alexanderplatz.

Dirckenstrasse near Alexanderplatz, heading north, is very interesting, passing through Prenzlauerberg. From Preanzlauerberg you can reach Mauerpark. We liked Prenzlauerberg very much, quite bohemian neighbourhood with lots of students.

Kreuzberg…a story for itself;) If you think you’ve seen hipsters, you haven’t been to Kreuzberg. Hipster mecca 😉 You can find almost anything there, from bike shops and concept stores to all kinds of restaurants. Especially in Bergmanstrasse. You wouldn’t believe it – one restaurant following another one, all the way, and all of them are with a different cuisine. Heaven on earth! 🙂 We sat down at Indian and Italian restaurant. Ate some sweets in Italian, an palak paneer in Indian. Yum!

There’s a night mini-golf in Kreuzberg, but we didn’t try it. Next time.

The route beside the Spree is also interesting, seeing Görlitzer Park and Treptower Park. „On your way“ (not really :))) ) you can go to the one of the remainings of the Berlin Wall, the East Side Gallery, now known for the graffiti.

The old airport Tempelhof was turned into a museum, and interesting to visit it. Ok, let’s not lie to each other – it’s interesting for men to visit it 😉 .

Berlin is one of the coolest cities, it’s amazing. And yes, we got back there once again, and will be going for the third time surely.




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