Pasteis de nata in Lisbon

Never knew why did Thievery Corporation – Saudade album remind me of Lisbon. We never listened to them while in Lisbon, or it’s just me. Thinking it’s kind of the “sound of Lisbon”, a bit melancholic but calming.. (or it’s just has to do something with the fact its’s on Portuguese. Maybe, BUT JUST MAYBE 😉 that’s the thing)

We went to Lisbon in December, it was only for 5 days. Short but nice. Booked the apartment in strict center, near Avenida de Liberdade.  It was Christmas time and we decided to take a stroll as soon as we got here.

The most famous shopping and strolling  streets are Rua da Madalena, Rua Augusta, Rua Aurea and Rua dos Sapateiros, all starting from Praca da Figueria. They’re also full of pastry shops and restaurants.

Pasteis de nata in Lisbon
Rue de Prata


Near Praca da Figueria


The next day it was time for action! After another stroll in the center, we decided to take hop on – hop off bus, which took us along the Avenida de Liberdade, passed through Praca Marques and we got off at the Basilica de Estrella . Kind of looked closer at the map J))) From there we walked aaaaaaaalllll the way to the Torre de Belem. …and a good thing we did because, ‘cause we stumbled upon a great diner and had delicious “breakfast” at noon ;). You know that old diners atmosphere, with bunch of elderly people enjoying their time, talking to each other or reading their newspapers. The waiter was also an elderly person, didn’t speak any English, but tried to explain with any possible means.

The food was excellent. Cheese omelette, homemade potatoes, homemade bread, salad and great coffee. Greasy meal, to keep you “strong for walking” 😉 .

On our way to Alcantra we passed by docks filled with restaurants and a skate park. Each restaurant is in a little house coloured in a different colour. Very cute! Bridge Ponte 25 de Abril is impressive indeed, and not to be mistaken, yes it resembles to one in San Francisco because it was designed by the same architect.

There was a bug Jesus statue on the opposite side if the bridge, but there was no time…

We walked to the Torre de Belem and I was cracking down at this point…so we sat down at the Jardim de Torre de Belem restaurant.

Ahhh, now, it’s easier to keep on moving with a full stomach and a happy face J

We visited Monesteiro dos Jeronimos with Vasco da Gama’s tomb and went to catch the last hop on – hop off bus, praying we would get on it…

Pasteis de nata in Lisbon

Pasteis de nata in Lisbon
Ponte 25 de Abril
Pasteis de nata in Lisbon
Padrão dos Descobrimentos
Pasteis de nata in Lisbon
Torre de Belem

Pasteis de nata in Lisbon

Pasteis de nata in Lisbon
Monesteiro dos Jeronimos


The following day, we caught a train to Sintra. It’s a green line from a Rossio station.

Unfortunately Sintra –Pena Palace bus broke down so we didn’t get to see it. But never the less, we took another bus – the one to Cabo da Roca. The most western point on European continent! This was a „quickie“ ’cause we had only 12 minutes to catch the last bus back (this was entirely our fault, because we should have gotten up earlier).

On our way we saw a mason castle, which was an excitement to me! (Yeeeeeees, I like those Dan Brown stories 😉 )


And finally, the funniest moment. Standing at Cabo da Roca, watching cliffs, and Toni says to me:“ Look over there, you can see Porto!“

Ooooooooooh, I was so thrilled saying to my dad: „We even saw Porto! Did you manage to see it Cabo da Roca?!“ Hehehe, my dad’s and Toni’s faces – priceless! Toni was laughing so hard that he almost started to cry, and finally managed to mumble through laughter – I was joking when I said that!


…oh well 🙂



When we got back to Lisbon, we sat down at the Adega Rossio, restaurant my dad recommended to us. Now, THAT’S SOMETHING ! Fantastic!

Food is delicious, and I ate the best saury in my entire life there. And, yes, it’s cheap, unlike all the restaurants on Rua Aurea and Praca Don Pedro, just round the corner.

Adega is filled with locals, policemen and elderly people. That’s where you should eat.

Penna Palace
Pasteis de nata in Lisbon
On our way to Cabo da Roca
Pasteis de nata in Lisbon
Cabo da Roca
Cabo da Roca

We visited Castelo de Sao Jorge, walked from Praca de Comercio to Ponte Vasco da Gama (yes, we did!). This one is 17 km long!

Went to Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantra and enjoyed the view, (There’s another view point, right under the Castelo de Sao Jorge.), got down with a funicular, walked around Barrio Alto, and went to El Corte Ingles (think this is the only one in Portugal)’cause we always do! Visited Jardim da Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian where I pretended to be a duck;), visited Universidade de Lisboa, Parque de Bela Vista, Lisbon Expo…

And one interesting fact for the end  – aquarium in Lisbon is the biggest one in Europe.


Oh, btw 😉





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