Ran over…I, mean, The Eternal City

My first trip was to Italy, with my parents. If I’m not mistaken, it was Verona. I was interested in Roman and Greek history so I wanted to go to Rome.

And now…the strike of reality, it’s zero mystical, zero romantical and zero spiritual. Streets are filthy, there are piles of garbage on the edges of roads and pavements. Spanish stairs look like nonphotoshopped photo of Santorini. The city is filled with tourists taking selfies, so everybody can see they were here. The fountain on Spanish Square is even hard to get to, and if you do, you have to move quickly ’cause of the cars passing by.


Spanish Stairs


Spanish Square


Spanish Square

…just a little different perspective (after turning round 180 degrees)


Spanish Square

Di Trevi Fountain is beautiful, magnificent, without mentioning, but its beauty is smothered (yes) with tourists, making their way through, like they’re collecting Pokemons!

I threw a few coins into the fountain and quickly moved on. Anywhere. I must admit I wasn’t too careful where I was going, ’cause you are swallowed by horde of people.

Oh by the way, I was there on Easter Day! The plan was to visit the Vatican. Only never considered that it would be that exhausting. Firstly we were standing in a horribly long row to enter Vatican City. Not sure how long we were standing there, but it seemed like the time stood still, or it was going backwards! The good thing was nobody knew my native language, so I was swearing out loud (not saying I’m proud of it, especially being in „God’s place“ 😉 ) When we finally entered Vatican City, some dumb fool climbed the pool it the middle of the square and started shouting. There, I can’t see anything divine or spiritual among the „angry men“ acting rude on the one place they should be humble and polite. …not mentioning we barely managed to exit The Vatican City. The horror..






I have something to say on this day


I remember being thrilled when we got out of the crowd! We were strolling this wonderful path down the river of Tiber, which reminded me of Paris.

After that we headed to Colosseum, Pantheon and the rest of the attractions in city centre. This was very, very nice. We went to the park Villa Borghese. There’s a Zoo, The National Gallery of fine arts, The Borghes Family Museum… Wonderful, calming park, which I found to be the prettiest part of Rome. The sun beams shining through tree branches, kids playing…and with a wonderful view point on top. There are lots of painters nearby, painting the city view.




All in all, it might have been a wonderful city once, but it’s crowded with tourists and trash today. Although, you can find enjoyable parts, outside the city centre. Vaticano e Castell St. Angelo and Navona neighbourhoods are really nice. Full of wide avenues, trees and with and not so many tourists.

Walking down the Lungotevere Tor di Nona is lovely, with lots of squares and cafés.

You can take the train to Frascati (30 mins ride), Orvieto (1,5 hrs.), Viterbo (2 hrs.), Assisi (2,45 hrs.) and to many more places. Train ticket prices vary, depending on the time of purchase.

If you have enough time, you can go to Pompeii!








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