The Luna Park City

Although I will always say my favourite city is Madrid and can’t possibly measure with Barcelona (this is just my opinion), I’d gladly go to Barcelona again.

Been there 4 times. My first time to Barcelona was 15 years ago…at that time Rambla was still a nice street on which you could actually walk. So, conclusion nr. 1 – don’t stay too long on Rambla, it’s ok to see it, that’s it. You can do it on Google Street View with “a little man” 😉 . But Christopher Columbus Obelisk is a must see! Stands there like reminder of times we were, perhaps, more free spirited than now. Hopes and high expectations.

For a nicer walk (more enjoyable) walk down Rambla de Catalunya.  Plaça de Catalunya is very nice, cool to take a few pics and selfies, if you’re into it, but that’s it. Ok, this is my mouth speaking after 4th time there. Of course, the first time it left completely different impression on me with a lot of excitement.

La Rambla

Plaça d’Espanya is wonderful, magnificent. Has a fountain in the middle of it, with what used to be a corrida building. Today it’s a shopping mall with roof top bars and restaurants and a panoramic elevator. The view is great! Jean Miro park on one side, and a fountain on the other side. And if I hadn’t accidentally deleted most of my pictures I’d have photo proof of this! Opposite of Plaça de Catalunya is Palau Nacional.

This being said, it’s one of the parts of Barcelona I like the most. Don’t really why. It is just…somehow peaceful although it’s full with tourists. It doesn’t give away that chaotic impression with constant rush. You can just sit and watch the fountain. Go to some stall with snacks and coffee, enjoy the dust beneath your feet.

View from Palau Nacional
Palau Nacional

Another part of Barcelona I like is the Le Eixample with the same (sort of) peaceful vibe. Full with wide streets, all sorts of stores, ones with fancy clothes, and ones with craft work and vinyl. Plus, not so many tourists „available“ 😉 .

Montjouic is a nice place to go for a walk with Palau Sant Jordi, INEFC, Fundacio Miro, Poble Espanol, Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya and Palau Nacional.

And a tip for ones who wish to enjoy The Magic Fountain – give it up, right away. For starters, there are tons of busses near the fountain dropping off tourists. (conclusion nr. 1)

Conclusion nr. 2 – The Magic Fountain – 0 points – go for a roof top drink on corida

Conclusion nr. 3. – for a bit more authentic experience of the city climb the Tibidabo. Yes, it’s really a long ride, but worth every minute. There’s are mini Luna park, church and a bar at the top.

Casa Milla
Tibidabo view

For a another different perspective – go to Parque del Forum. It looks like part of some Mad Max scenography, with lots of skaters, seaguls and some enthusiasts excercising.

Park Güell is something what you see a few times in a lifetime. Something extravagant and extraordinary. But…not „tourist free“. It was a really romantic place once…

Conclusion nr. 4 – the alternative is Ciutadella Park.

There’s also a nice walking rout from Ciutadella Park: Plaza Teutan – Sagrada Familia – Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes.

Park Güell
Arc De Triomf
Sagrada Familia

Barri Gotic is the most interesting and liveliest part of Barcelona. Narrow streets, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, pastry shops, greens, pinks, whites, all the beauty and variety of life!

Aaaaaaand of course our favourite restaurant – Bar Santos. I like going to Barri Gotic, and „drown“ into that madness, feel like the „lowest form of intelligence“ (the tourist), how my Toni would say.

Passeig de Gracia is a street little less crowded with tourists, nice for a stroll, and absorbing city architecture, the grandiosity of the city and shops OF COURSE 😉  Casa Milà and Casa Batlló are there.

Barri Gotic
Barri Gotic

Nyaaaah, yeeeeeeees, I’d go back;) to experience that buzzy city feeling, madness, rollercoaster feelings…

Barcelona budget calculator

If you are planning on visiting , here’s the quick help with Seville airplane and accommodation prices.





Return ticket with Easyjet will cost you about 150 €, with only hand luggage, ad 20 € for one piece of checked luggage.

Return ticket with Vueling Basic will cost you about 70 €, with only hand luggage.

Return ticket with Vueling Optima will cost you about 150 €, with hand luggage and one piece of checked luggage

Return ticket with Iberia Basic will cost you about 110 €, with only hand luggage.

Return ticket with Iberia Optima will cost you about 160 €, with hand luggage and one piece of checked luggage.


Double room will be about 80 € per day, three-four star hotel.

Single room will be about 77 € per day, three-four star hotel.

If you are opt to something cheaper it will be around 66 € double and 40 € single room

Daily budget would be 50 €


approximately  651 € if travelling in pair, or 700 € if travelling solo



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